1. Laminate:

These are more rugged and durable and can take lot of misuse. They do not scratch easily. For high gloss laminates, we are giving additional anti-scratch coating on shutters as even small scratches stand out on high gloss surfaces. The edges are machine finished with matching edge banding tape

Choices are solid colours or wood grains and in each we give you at the same price suede (matt) or high gloss finish.


2. Membrane:

For that seamless look. If you choose a wood grain membrane, the shutters appears to be made from solid wood. To enhance this solid wood look we can give you engraved patterns on the shutter.

Choices are solid colours or wood grains and in each we give you at the same price suede (matt) or high gloss finish.


3. Veneer:

Veneer shutters comprise thin slices of natural wood fixed on to waterproof MDF or BWR plywood. These give a natural wood finish to kitchen cabinets allowing the grain to shine through. Natural wood veneers of teak, oak and walnut in different shades and patterns are available. They give a country-chic or cottage feel to the kitchen.


4. PU painted:

Painted with auto-coat paints, with a clear poly urethane coating on MDF or ply boards, these shutters are waterproof, available in a multitude of vibrant glossy colors and shades and last for a long time. These are painted and finished just like automobile bodies


5. Acrylic and UV:

UV Shutters are UV or acrylic sheets that are pre-laminated to waterproof MDF boards. Since they are UV protected, they retain their look for many years while also being trendy and modern. They are available in vibrant colours and with high gloss finishes.


6. Hardwood shutter:

Shutters made from natural wood like teak, sycamore and walnut carry the material’s uniqueness and charm. While the inner material is wood, the exposed surface is polished with waterproof resin which acts as a protective layer while enhancing the richness of the underlying wood. The wood’s natural grains add to the aesthetics of this shutter. Natural wood shutters are rarely used, since they aren’t good for the environment and are not easily available. Nowadays, reclaimed or recycled wood, a more eco-friendly option is often considered in the construction of these shutters. Alternatively, different shades of rose, teak and walnut finish can also be applied to rubber wood or MDF boards to mimic the wooden feel.


7. Aluminium shutter:

Made of aluminium sheets of different thickness and gauges, these shutters were normally used in commercial establishments but are increasingly finding their way into modern homes. They are sturdy and have a long shelf life.





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