Space Maker Designs from EspiQ | Save Time & Save Space


Enjoy More Space

We Design Kitchen & Wardrobes to give you upto 30% to 50% more usable space.


Hidden Spaces - No Hidden Cost

Our fixed price Home Interior Packages save you money with no hidden costs and you enjoy

  • Fixed Price.
  • Asured delivery
  • Peace of mind
  • ​Elegant quality that lasts a very long time
Doing it yourself, on the other  hand can cost you a lot more- in terms of poor quality, lost time, tension and cost over runs. This indeed is  the story of many homes where items made by ill trained carpenters cost a great deal in terms of ultimate satisfaction
Make a wise choice- Choose EspiQ.


Designer Interiors - High Quality Interior Design Lasts Longer

Overall cost of Interiors is less when you are happy with the Interior Design and functional aspects of your apartment. People tend to re-do their Interiors when they are not happy with their Interior Design and execution. Elegance lasts longer and therefore costs you less. Doing it yourself, on the other hand can cost you a lot more - in terms of avoidable expense - later. This indeed is the story of many homes where items made by ill-trained carpenters cost a great deal in terms of satisfaction.


Eliminate Rework

Simply eliminate the cost of learning and redoing the Interiors of your Homes in Bangalore  - Use our expertise to get it right first time itself.


Awesome Quality at Competitive Prices

Our German Design gives you years of Trouble Free Use due to built-in Extra Performance Capability; Attention to Engineering Details and German Design Standards.


You Don't Have to Wait Endlessly

Time is money and we save you both by not only offering you shorter deliveries but also on-time deliveries


No Running around... Anymore!

Simply Buy Our Home Interior Package and get set for your new apartment




10- Reasons for buying EspiQ modular kitchens, wardrobes & furniture


 1.Simplified  buying  process-  Buying from our online e-store  is just like buying from  market places like Amazon. Free design consultation online or personally is available to get  the best configuration suited to your needs. ECC (EspiQ Certified Carpenters are available for traditional carpentry work and those jobs that are best done at site such as paneling, flooring, LFG- Lights, Fans and Geysers, false ceiling/ grill work etc).

 2. 40 to 100% more usable space in the same footprint due to our highly optimised designs. You can store items as per your convenience and store a lot by adjusting internals.  All wardrobes have flexible internal arrangement and can  be adapted to suit HIS, HER or CHILDREN'S needs by simple changes that user can make himself. So one wardrobe is suitable for all- mom, dad and kids.
 3. Build your home gradually in your chosen style, by adding products from our e-store in future.
 4. All items are modular in design i.e. they conform to standard sizes and specifications and are supplied in knocked down/ flat packed condition. These are  assembled by our trained installers at site using simple hand tools. You can  easily dismantle and transport  them and reassemble. This makes handling and transport easy.
 5. Maintenance free- only routine dusting and cleaning with water is enough. Our special process ensures  that even after repeated assembly, hinges and drawers do not become loose.
 6. Default warranty of one year. German  fittings (hardware, hinges, channels, tandem boxes etc.), chimney & hob, stainless steel baskets and handles  have  life-time warranty . Bought out appliances carry manufacturers’ warranty.
 7. German quality at Indian prices- designed for Indian cooking habits. We follow German design standards,  use imported German hardware and our factory has imported machines.
 8. My mom says- I don't get tired in this  kitchen that is due to our Ergonomic Design , every items is where it  should be for convenience in use.
 9. Direct factory to customer delivery gives you shorter delivery & lower cost. Lifetime service support from our factories.
10.International Quality at Indian prices, with wide options to chooses sizes, patterns, internals and external finishes You can start with low configuration  and add on features later to suit your budget.






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