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Main products are described below for quick reference.


German Modular Kitchen @ Rs 99,500 Onwards


Space Maker - EspiQ Modular Kitchens

Factory Made Modular Designer Kitchens- optimised by us to give you best possible space utilisation.

You choose a set of baskets to maximise storage with minimum wastage of space. Avail our free design and installation advise- online or walk in our Design Studio. Please register first on Contact Us Now page and send floor plan/ reply to questions that you get in the email response instantly.


Contemporary German Functionality 

Double basket pulls out for Tall bottles- to neatly store oil, aerated drinks  etc

Multi-purpose Pull-out for Small Bottles / Masala Bottles- very useful for convenient storage of large variety of spices typically used in Indian cooking

Magic Corner Basket for hard to reach corners.

Baskets for cutlery & utensils, pots & pans, small appliances.

Tall unit basket for neatly storing provisions.

Microwave Cabinet to suit any size of microwave.

And many more.



Healthy Kitchen

Stainless Steel Pull-Out Baskets with Lifetime Warranty against rusting - Enhances hygiene and looks. New range of Aluminium Alloy baskets which make it easier to clean. Ask us how?

Sleek Half Round Vertical Edges ( Post Formed) or Membrane Shutters (For the Carved Wood Look - Complete with Depth and Contours) Choose the option you like.

Built in hob 4-Burners model Elica make with LIFETIME WARRANTY - makes your Kitchen Platform look more Elegant than ever before....


Easy Work Flow | EspiQ Modular Kitchen

Floor and wall cabinets of optimum sizes - correctly placed to facilitate easy work flow- you will feel less tired.

Soft closing telescopic channels for smooth movement and auto closing- feels great.

No Reason to have a Life less convenient


Feel Fresh

Chimney - Elica make with LIFETIME WARRANTY- Keeps your Kitchen Fresh and Pollution Free

Quality German Fittings | Make Your Kitchen Trouble Free

All German / Italian High Quality Fittings for trouble free operation for Years


Wide Choice of Modular Kitchens

Create a unique Modular Kitchen designed to suit your needs in terms of Style and Functionality.

Your Choice of 100% Waterproof Plywood or MDF (also called Compressed Wood the environment friendly alternative)

Wide choice of drawers, corner units, cutlery trays, tall units, roller shutters, lift up systems, handles, aluminium profiles, waste disposal systems and accessories- to suit your liking and budget

One Year Warranty



Typical modular kitchen consists of a selection of cabinets and internals form the following list


Modular Kitchen Base Cabinets

These are below granite counter. You can choose a basket such as cutlery basket for fitting inside these cabinets. We will provide 2 adjustable wooden shelves, where there are no baskets. All cabinet boxes are white and there is choice of finishes (laminates and membrane) for shutters.


Modular Kitchen base Cabinets sets

Each set consists of a few cabinets in a single module.

Modular Kitchen Wall Cabinets

These are placed on the walls, Finished White (Box), Shutter with Different Choice of Finishes (Laminate and Membrane) Single/ Double Door Kitchen Wall Cabinet available based on the size of the cabinet.

Modular Kitchen Loft Cabinets

Loft Cabinets are placed above the Wall Cabinets, where infrequently used items can be stored.


Modular Kitchen Tall cabinets

Tall cabinets are also known as pantry/ Provision unit, where all the provision required for cooking can be stored at one place.

Modular Kitchen Accessories/Baskets

Kitchen Baskets are normally kept inside the Base unit; there are many numbers of Baskets for example- Cutlery Baskets, Plain Baskets, Cup & Saucer Baskets, Thalli Baskets etc.


For more info please go to our E-Store.




Range of World Class Wardrobe Options to Choose From


EspiQ Super Sliding Wardrobes

  • International quality with 5-year warranty on the imported sliding mechanism/ locks and soft closing mechanism.

  • Sliding wardrobes with soft closing doors, lockable doors, feather-touch sliding movement. Especially designed for Smaller Rooms.

  • Wooden doors, frosted glass doors, mirror doors, glass doors and doors with wood/ glass combination.

  • With built in full height C-section handle in shutters for ease in moving doors

  • With wider choice of finishes for laminates and glass

  •  to EspiQ Super range identical all other aspects


EspiQ Topline Sliding Wardrobes

  • Here door is hung on a bracket from top of the wardrobe and the bracket with door slides on a guide rail with help of rollers. This is older design now super ceded by EspiQ Super Sliding Wardrobes described above.

  • Only Wooden doors with C-Type handles are fitted on shutters for movement. The doors when shut have a little gap of 5-8 mm.

  • With wider choice of finishes for laminates


EspiQ Classic (Hinged Door) Wardrobes

       • Choice of finishes in laminates and membrane shutters

       • Classic hanged door wardrobes in 2/3/4/ multiple door combinations.

Different Types of Wardrobes/ Loft Combinations Available


  • Wardrobes with Matching Loft - Classic

  • Wardrobes without Loft- Classic

  • Wardrobes with matching Loft - Super

  • Wardrobes without Loft- Super

  • Wardrobes with Matching Loft-Topline

  • Wardrobes without Loft-Top line



Other Available Products at EspiQ


  • Bedroom Loft Box(Cabinet)

  • Bedroom Loft- Frame and Shutter type

  • Wardrobe Accessories

  • TV Units

  • Sofa Sets

  • Study Tables

  • Coffee Tables

  • Puja Cabinets

  • Beds

  • Book Shelf

  • Crockery Cabinets / Display units

  • Dining Table Sets

  • Dining Tables

  • Dining Chair

  • Foyer units

  • Dresser

  • Study tables



Range of Internal Fitting Options to choose from; for any of the above wardrobes. For details choose from e-store.


 Home Interior Package Benifits 


             We fully understand all the difficulties you have to face at the time of moving into a new house.

  • Our Home Interior Packages have been designed very thoughtfully to make the process simpler.

  • You will save Time as well as Money with our Home Interior Packages

  • With all the essentials in place, you can carefully choose rest of the items without getting into any time pressure.

  • A range of 2 BHK & 3BHK ( Kitchen + Wardrobes  with Lofts ) Packages are available  for you to choose from – as per your specific needs.  


Designed for Contemporary City Lifestyles - Better Organize your Life

  •   Simplifies Decision Making -  Helps you get Essential Interiors in Place Quickly

  •   Freedom to Customise

  •   Consistency in Style

  •   Saves you Money - More Economical than Individual Items            



Our popular Packages are

  •       2 BHK German Modular Kitchen + Wardrobes  Rs 3 L onwards

  •       3 BHK German Modular Kitchen + Wardrobes  Rs 3.6 L onwards



Ask about our 3 BHK / 2BHK Kitchen + Wardrobes ( With Loft) Packages  >>  Enquire Now